SmartPointe Pointe Shoes Grishko


The new generation of ballerinas not always has a high arch, and the change of foot characteristics leads to the changes in the last. SmartPointe last is created to fit wide and medium width foot with medium or low arch. Slightly tapered form with medium platform create elegant look, prolonging the leg lines.

SmartPointe has unique elastic glue — it adapts to the dancers’ foot but stays flexible. When the shoe is on the dancer can soften the box with fingers to adjust the box to the shape of the foot to emphasize the arch.

PS! The satin ribbon is not included with the shoes.

NB!! We recommend buying the shoe with toe pads and to take account the toe pad size when buying the pointe shoe.

If you wish to buy a specific size then contact us!

SmartPointe Pointe Shoes Grishko
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