Our Story

Eve Jauk is a mother of three and has been in love with dance for as long as she can remember. Two of her children have attended gymnastics lessons since they were very young. Coming from a small town in Estonia the availability of gymnastics products was limited and whenever new clothes, shoes or other products were needed a trip to the capital was organized. Coming from an entrepreneurial background, having owned a café beforehand, Eve decided to start ordering dance products in bulk and distributing them to the other dance moms in her children’s dance school. And that’s how the business idea was born!

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Evelily started out as a small boutique in Pärnu in the year 2013.

Having a partner who works with computers a thought arised to reach dance moms all-over Estonia. To offer an alternative to people who had the same struggle finding dance products for their children and themselves. And so, on the same year, Evelily moved to online sales with the domain name evelily.com.

Having children in dance schools has helped the owner to see what products work and are needed as well as which products motivate the young dancers and make them happy. Therefore, when talking to the customers it is important to us to talk from our own experience.

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As Eve’s children grew so did the product selection in the store. Now Evelily offers something for every dance style. For example, folk dance, gymnastics, ballet, ballroom dance, yoga and many other styles. Additionally, our product selection for grown-ups has expanded and we are working on developing a assortment for boys and men.

As of 2014 Evelily has also been working on developing our own product line. The collection is called Evelily Basic and it consists of the most demanded dance apparel items such as classic cut leotards, shorts and shirts. Every year we continue expanding the product selection and the only limit we’ve set on ourselves is that we want to have all production in Estonia. Currently we are working with seamstresses from small Estonian towns and continue to look for more eager sewers.

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Eve has said that from her own experience dancing is essential for the growing person. It helps both physically and mentally. The kids learn to communicate, to be more considerate, to focus, to manage time better and most importantly they make friends. Dancers grow up to be healthy, active, creative go-getters and dance will follow them throughout their life. Eve recommends for all little boys and girls to attend dance lessons and she believes that it is nevertoo late to start with dance!